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We operate our Cisco-powered data center out of Vancouver, Canada.

Our data center and network are designed and optimized to accommodate and enhance the high-availability demands of your mission critical websites.

Our network is connected to multiple upstream providers, all to ensure data travels in the fastest, most efficient manner possible. Our network partners are comprised of nationally recognized telecom companies who have worked with us to build and maintain our world-class network. Fully redundant core switches and routers, using the BGP4 protocol to ensure that data can be routed even in the event of an uplink failure.

We do not rely on the local power grid to guarantee uptime. Our on-site diesel-powered generators and centralized Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) provide power conditioning and ensure uninterrupted hosting operation. In the event of a power failure, our dedicated diesel generator will switch over within seconds to ensure continuous power. Our power systems and generators are tested regularly to ensure tip-top performance and response.